What is celebrity messages:

CELEBRITY MESSAGES is a fun way for Celebrities and fans to connect via video message

How celebrity messages works:


Choose Your Celebrity
Firstly, choose from our diverse range of popular celebrities to record your unique Video Message.


Fill In Your Details
Secondly, fill in the details for either yourself or the lucky person who will be receiving the personalised video.


Receive Your Message
Lastly, you will receive your personalised video message via your chosen method within 10 days of purchasing.

The idea behind the launch of the business was to create a simple and fun way for both the celebrities and their fans to interact on a personal level.

Founder Abbie Catlin wanted to create the process of receiving a personalised video message to be as easy and enjoyable for the fan as it is for the celebrity.

Abbie noticed that Celebrities were constantly inundated by requests from fans, often via social media, for personalised messages and was keen to simplify the process and create a platform for both fans and celebrities to easily connect.

The final formation of the Celebrity Messages brand is a result of years of research and work to ensure a great experience for both the fan and the celebrity.

We hope you like our website as much as we enjoyed creating it!

– The Celebrity Messages Team